Our wine: Carignano Del Sulcis


Carignano del Sulcis DOC is one of the most authentic and inimitable tasting experiences you can find on the island.  It is a historic red wine that ranks among Sardinia’s most famous.

What not everyone knows is that the Carignano vines have immense winemaking potential. The island’s environmental and climatic factors make all the difference! They are the reason behind the uniqueness of the vineyards and play a decisive role in making the production successful and so characteristic. In fact, the sandy soils provide natural protection against phylloxera, one of the most dangerous parasites for vine cultivation.

The brackish wind from the sea, which blows constantly and impetuously in certain periods, is one factor that influences vine cultivation in the Sulcis area, as the sapling shape is the only suitable kind because of its small dimensions, which keep it close to the ground. Although not large in quantity compared with other types, the production always provides high quality and strength.

But what are the origins of this wondrous wine? Given that the variety spread across different parts of the Western Mediterranean, it was probably the Phoenicians or Carthaginians who introduced Carignano to Sardinia.

There is an equally feasible theory that the grape variety was imported from the Iberian peninsula from the early days of Spanish domination on the island. Confirmations of this come directly from popular culture: the Carignano grape is called “Axina de Spagna” – “Grape of Spain”.

It’s therefore certain that the production of Carignano del Sulcis is an ancient tradition with strong identifying characteristics that has been handed down for many generations. It represents excellence and is an invaluable resource for the area.


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