White rocks and crystal-clear sea

East Coast

Details and description

The east coast of Sant’Antioco offers many wonderful places to explore, surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and beautiful white limestone rocks, and each with its own special character.

The small port

A short drive from Sant’Antioco town takes you to “Su Portixeddu“, a sandy cove dotted with white pebbles. The shallow seabed and clear water make this the perfect spot for a refreshing paddle. This picturesque place has rather a special feature. If you look to your left, towards the sea and Capo Teulada, you will see a staircase winding up through the rocks to a private house on the cliff-top.

The tanks

Further along the road to Maladroxia you get to the cove of Su Portixeddu Accuau, literally the Hidden Harbour, a lovely place but hard to spot if you unfamiliar with the coast of Sant’Antioco. You have to walk down a short path from the road, and we advise you to wear proper shoes. About halfway down, you will get a stunning view. Stop and admire the many shades of green and vivid blue in the sea, lapping against the white pebbles that cover the beach. The sea is particularly beautiful in the morning, when you can enjoy it in peace and have a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear water. If you swim out a few metres and are wearing a mask and snorkel, you will be able to spot two large metal tanks resting on the sea bottom. They are the remains of a past industry, when limestone rocks were extracted for the production of lime, and transported by sea.

Breathtaking wonders

You drive on past the famous village of Maladroxia, whose sandy beach was awarded Blue Flag status in 2019 and 2020. The final stretch of this spectacular coastline is in the protected area of Serra Is Tres Portus. The only way to explore this area is to approach it by sea, including by SUP or canoe. You will encounter some splendid sights, such as the majestic rock of Su Mussareddu, standing alone in the middle of the sea, or Cala dei Francesi, a small inlet with a white pebble beach and crystal-clear water in shades of green and blue. If you want to enjoy the real beauty of Sardinia, these are sights you really should not miss.


You can visit here all year round


East coast of Sant’Antioco



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