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Land cuisine

Details and description

Our land is fertile and generous: agriculture and livestock farming represent the fundamentals of the local economy from ancient times, leading to a culinary tradition deeply rooted in our land, unique in its simplicity.

Sardinian starters are made of cold cuts such as sausage, ham, sardinian guanciale, lard or the mustela, and traditional pecorino or caprino cheese: a concentrate of our typical food, with a strong flavour. The Pecorino cheese, obtained with traditional methods from the sheep’s milk, is famous all over the world, with a unique taste that recalls the flavours and scents of our land.

First courses are prepared with the typical Sardinian pasta: la fregula or i malloreddus. One of the most appreciated specialties is the fregula with cabbage. The match of these two ingredients creates a dish with a strong and unique flavour, a perfect vegetarian alternative to meat and fish first courses. 

The famous malloreddus, instead, are perfect when seasoned with meat ragu, made with minced meat or sausage or, for those who love stronger flavours, with boar or sheep meat. If you are a good eater, let yourself be tempted by these specialties!

Are you dreaming of a good summer barbecue? We’re the only one that offers you a mutton’s meat barbecue: a typical experience not to be missed during a holiday in Sant’Antioco. In our restaurant you can appreciate its decisive and unmistakable taste.

If you love more delicate flavours, you can taste it stewed with Sardinian artichokes, or as a hamburger. Its intense and particular taste is  incomparable!

We can’t speak of meat without mentioning the unmissable Sardinian Pork (piglet): the king of celebrations and special occasions, this dish has a unique and delicate taste. The pork is spit-roasted according to an ancient tradition passed down from generation to generation; it is cooked for hours over the glowing embers, constantly rotated for an even cooking, to get a crunchy rind and a tender and tasty meat. It’s one of a kind specialty to fall in love with at first taste!

Meat’s lovers, this is definitely your sound!


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