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When you come to Sardinia, you should definitely make sure you visit a true icon of our land and its prehistoric past: the very particular stone building known as a “nuraghe”. These ancient constructions date from the time of the Nuragic civilisation, and have a very special character and atmosphere.

There is still no firm consensus with regard to their function, but the fact they were positioned at strategic points along the coast, and on hills further inland, suggests that they had a role in controlling the territory.

You can see the remains of 43 nuraghi on Sant’Antioco, as well as the 9 Tombs of the Giants and a well temple. Most of these towers are in the central-southern part of the island, in a dominant position above the Canai plain and the Riu Triga river.

We recommend a tour of some of the more easily accessible nuraghi, such as the white nuraghe of S’Ega e’ Marteddu. Head towards Maladroxia and turn off just before you enter the village. It consists of a keep and a bastion with three side towers which are only partially preserved. The main tower is almost completely intact and dominates the bay of Maladroxia and the mouth of the Riu Triga, offering a splendid view.

The complex of Grutti ‘e Acqua, to the west of the Canai plain, is also very evocative. The location of the site is marked on the map below; it is easy to reach and has good parking. It is like visiting a timeless place, where nature reigns supreme. From the highest spur, you can see the remains of a nuraghe complex with four towers, while perched on a hill further south, suspended between space and time, are a corridor nuraghe, a tholos-style nuraghe and the remains of numerous huts.

You can walk to a dip in the ground that contains the artificial reservoir known as the “nuragic lake”. Enjoy the magical silence of this beautiful place. The water is plentiful in winter months, and was probably once used in special rituals associated with the worship of water. A few hundred metres further down, you will come to the only well temple on the island, also dedicated to the worship of this vital element.

A short walk from the nuragic complex, you come to rocky platform supporting the Tomb of the Giants, known locally as “Su Niu de Su Crobu” (Nest of the Crow). The tomb is the best preserved in the area and also one of the top places on the island from which to enjoy the sunset.

A less well known but certainly no less interesting place is the nuragic complex of Corongiu Murvonis. The nuraghe consists of a central keep and other adjacent towers, defended by an imposing bastion. Around the edge is an important settlement, which is still awaiting excavation. Here, in the centre of the island, you can still see some very surprising landscapes and unusual views.

As you are driving along the road in the Canai area, you will come across the multi-part nuraghe of Feminedda and the bi-coloured nuraghe of S’Uttu de su Para, both with a complex structure. Today, only the perimeter walls and some internal structures still survive.

Put on some comfortable shoes and get to know the ancient history of this island, you will not be disappointed!


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