Sea to table

Seafood cuisine

Details and description

The island’s inhabitants have a special relationship with the sea. Priceless resource, source of nourishment and beauty. This relationship is reflected in different aspects, like the culinary tradition historically enriched by contributions, contacts and exchanges from other Mediterranean cultures. The typical fish dishes are prepared following ancient gestures, through the traditional fishing in the lagoon and at sea.

Seafood is the main ingredient of several recipes of tasty first courses and starters. We really recommend you some delicacies to taste in our restaurants. 

The mussel soup is the ideal recipe to try the local mussels and will let you fully appreciate the flavour and scent of the sea. Characteristic is the fregula with clams, a typical dish particularly appreciated, with a delicate taste, perfect to start your meal. Don’t you know the fregula? It’s a typical Sardinian pasta: small bran balls, with just the addition of water and salt. This is the real essence of our cuisine: taste and simplicity.

Another dish to taste is with no doubt the spaghetti with clams and bottarga, a simple but tasteful first dish, prepared with the local clams, that contains in itself all the authentic scents of our sea. A tip to enhance the taste of this dish? Match it with an excellent fresh Vermentino DOC!

If you want to taste an even more homemade dish with a unique taste try the sardinian fish soup, called also sardinian “cassola”: it is prepared with the local catch of the day, in particular scorpionfishes, mullets, cuttlefishes, octopuses, mussels and clams, a concentrate of our sea and its unique taste.

It is served with fragrant bread slices that help to better taste it. Don’t think about bon ton: bread-dipping is a must! 

Aren’t you full yet? The best is yet to come! You can choose between the grilled fish or a specialty that everyone can agree on: the mixed fry. 

The mixed fries of Sant’Antioco restaurants are a real delicacy, prepared with the local fresh fish: shrimps, squids and small mixed fishes, for an intense and delicious taste.

You can taste this specialty in our restaurants or while walking along the seafront, with practical paper cones, for a unique experience that offers you tastes and scents in an unforgettable frame. 


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