Serra is Tres Portus


Details and description

Follow a nature trail between the sea and the wild landscape, an ecosystem not far from Maladroxia beach. The site has especially rich biodiversity, and has be made a Special Conservation Area and an Area of Community Interest, for the protection of these special habitats. The area of Serra Is Tres Portus is in the eastern part of the island, and covers an area of about 260 hectares. You can explore it on foot or by bike, following a trail through the Mediterranean scrub that comes out on the Golfo di Palmas. For about the first 1.5 km, you will be able to see remains from the Nuragic age, as well as modern lime kilns, and will also enjoy some spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

And if you’d like to see all that Sant’Antioco has to offer, you can take a short boat ride to the little Vacca islands, where the Ice Plant and Azure Stonecrop grow vigorously, next to the more common Sea Daffodil and Bunch-Flowered Narcissus; and to the Islet of del Toro, home to the Catsear and the Coastal Ragwort. Finally, not many people are aware that Posidonia Oceanica (commonly known as “Neptune Grass”) is also a marine plant, and so part of the flora of the island. If you go snorkelling on the south side of the island, you will see great banks of it swaying about in the current.


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