Authentic doughs

Land cuisine

Bread is a fundamental food in Sardinian tradition and, also in Sant’Antioco, is produced in different shapes and many varieties. If you want, wake up early one morning and walk through the streets of the centre. An inviting smell of fresh bread fills the air in the town and invites you to taste.

A sensational feeling that will immediately make you feel in harmony with the town’s soul.

Among the traditional and local productions we can’t forget “su Coccoi”, an artisan bran bread made with a laborious technique and meticulously decorated with the scissors. The crust is crunchy, inside is soft and the taste is unique. A curiosity: on the occasion of the Festa di S. Antioco Martire, a special “coccoi” is prepared by expert hands: “su coccoi de su santu”, a precious ritual bread decorated with flowers and spring motifs to donate to the Patron Saint of Sardinia.

Do you want to know a culinary delight of our tradition? You can’t leave without tasting “su pani cun tamatiga”, bread with tomatoes. A bread filled with simple and genuine products: bran and durum wheat flour, ripe tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, fresh basil and garlic. You can taste it during the fresh summer evenings with the wonderful smell of fresh tomatoes and basil. A product that contains the simplicity and the intense taste of the local country cooking, an authentic delicacy.


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