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Grutti ‘e Acqua and Tomb of the Giants

If you are a fan of prehistoric archaeology and wildnature , you cannot miss a visit to the nuragic site of Grutti ‘e Acqua and the Tomb of the Giants  “Su Niu ‘e Su Crobu”, one of the most fascinating places on the Island of Sant’Antioco.

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Luogo: 09017 Sant'Antioco SU

The Grutti ‘e Acqua complex, located to the west of the Canai plain, is in a timeless place surrounded by an unspoiled and wild nature. From the highest part of the area we can see the remains of a complex nuraghe with perhaps four towers, while a few hundred meters to the south we find a corridor nuraghe, a tholos nuraghe and the remains of numerous huts. A little further on we come to the “nuragic pond” a natural basin whose banks are bordered by large boulders, a magical place surrounded by silence. Probably, in the past, the waters were used for specific ritual celebrations related to the worship of this fundamental element that has a very strong connection with this place. In fact, the real name of the site is linked to the presence of numerous structures used to collect rainwater.

Downstream, a few hundred meters, is the only well temple known today on the island also consecrated to the cult of water: an underground temple reached by a steep stone staircase. Another fascinating site is the tomb of the giants of “Su Niu de su Crobu”, the best preserved in Sant’Antioco. The popular name “tomb of the giants” is due to the presence of a very long burial chamber accessed by a small door. These were actually collective burial monuments that contained the remains of the deceased from the same community of the settlement of Grutti ‘e acqua. A must-see place to take a dip into the past and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding nature.

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