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The Punic Necropolis is an archaeological jewel located on the eastern slopes of the hill now occupied by the Savoy fort of Su Pisu. It rises below the historic centre of Sant’Antioco, in a complex underground composition that will define the millennial history of the city.

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Luogo: Via Castello, Loc. Is Pirixeddus, 34, 09017 Sant'Antioco SU

The burial rites of the dead in ancient civilizations have great fascination in the eyes of both archaeology loversand  curious. For this reason, in 2021, the reopening of the Punic Necropolis after 23 years, has had considerable interest and strong participation from the visitors to the Sant’Antioco Historical Archaeological Park. The necropolis is the place where the ancient Punic inhabitants of Sulky buried their dead in an area that, at the time, was located outside the town and whose tombs were dug on a rocky hill, as it was typical in the Punic period also in centres such as Carthage, Cagliari or Tharros.

What we know today, and can partially visit, are the spaces dedicated to death that the inhabitants of Sulky/Sulci built between the late sixth century and about the third century B.C.In the area, however, there is also evidence of the funerary use of the spaces in Roman times. The hypogean caves were also used in late ancient times.The Necropolis originally covered about 10 hectares and, considering that, on average, each tomb occupied forty square meters, the number of hypogea must have been about one thousand five hundred.

Unique in its kind, the Punic Necropolis of Sulky is a huge underground cemetery housing the burials of family groups, lying within the tombs in accordance with precise ritual codes and evocating ceremonials. A visit to the Punic Necropolis is a must-see, unique and engaging experience to know about the city’s thousand-year history.

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