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The enchanting sunsets on the Island of Sant’Antioco are the ideal setting for yoga, a discipline of research and connection with one’s body, to get in touch with one’s interiority and leave behind the accumulated emotions and tensions preparing for the arrival of a new day.

Informazioni sul luogo

Luogo: SS126 Dir, 09017 Sant'Antioco SU

Sant’Antioco offers numerous places to practice yoga and devote oneself to meditation and relaxation: there are the green spaces of the garden of the Archaeological Museum, the Forte Sabaudo, the nuragic complex of Grutti ‘e acqua or, for lovers of nature and breathtaking views, the beaches of Calasapone, Is Pruinis, magical places that encourage contact with one’s interiority and synergy and connection with the surrounding places.

Sunset is one of the best times of the day to practice yoga: concentration is higher, the light is soft and predisposes to meditation and relaxation so that you can rest body and mind before a new day.

Especially in summer, temperatures are milder and more pleasant, and practising this discipline, perhaps on the beach, looking at the sea, with the sun setting on the horizon and the sky tinged with a thousand shades, gives an almost mystical experience.

Sant’Antioco is also this: focusing on your own wellness and interiority by experiencing unforgettable moments in places rich in history, fairytale scenery and unspoiled nature.

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