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Fort su pisu

Fort Su Pisu is the undisputed symbol of Sant’Antioco’s inhabitants resistance. It stands proudly on the hill to defend the entire lagoon and the town of Sant’Antioco, to remind usthe boldness our ancestors had in facing the Barbary pirates who continuously besieged the island.

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Luogo: Via Castello, 17, 09017 Sant'Antioco SU

The Forte Sabaudo, also known as “Sa guardia de su pisu,” was built between 1813 and 1815 faithfully following the design of the Royal Savoy Artillery Officer Ambrogio Capson. Its purpose was to give shelter to the soldiers and inhabitants of Sant’Antioco, threatened by the numerous raids from the North African cities of Tunis, Algiers and Tripoli, former regencies of the Ottoman Empire. Beneath the fort once stood the Punic walls of the ancient city of Sulky, which, in turn, had been built by a partial scrapping of a nuraghe.

In October 1815, a bloody battle took place here.It  saw all the inhabitants of Sant’Antioco on the front lines defending their city. The commander of the Artillerymen of Sardinia Efisio Melis Alagna and his cohort fought valiantly against the Africans who commanded by the rais Siddi Abzunama. Unfortunately they were unable to repel the attack of the blockhouse, which was stormed and taken. Efisio Melis Alagna and his brave soldiers preferred death to slavery.

Today, you can retrace the steps of our ancient past by visiting Fort Su Pisu, a sign of our resistance.

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