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Serra is Tres Portus

Serra Is Tres Portus is a wonderful nature path completely surrounded by nature and Mediterranean vegetation. Among archaeological evidence and enchanting landscape views, you will discover an oasis of peace and wellness.

Informazioni sul luogo

Luogo: Zona speciale di conservazione, 09017, Sant'Antioco SU

Serra Is Tres Portus is an area approved as a Special Area of Conservation and Area of Community Interest for the protection and preservation of its valuable habitat. It is about 260 hectares wide and includes a wide variety of landscapes ranging from the coastal coastline to the hilly area that is crossed by a pathway surrounded bythe Mediterranean vegetation, about 1.5 km long. Along the way, you can look at the remains of a corridor nuraghe, 20th-century lime kilns, and spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

The uniqueness of this route is the plenty of plants speciessuch as wild lavender, Broom, Phoenician Juniper, Helichrysum, Dwarf Palm and the wonderful Ophrys maladroxiensis. This particular orchid is named after the Maladroxia locality where it was discovered and where it is uniquely found. The flower has white petals with delicate shades tending to pink and grows on a calcareous soil , typical of this area.

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