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Canai Tower

Torre Canai is the first defence building  against invaders who tried to attack the island in the past.The tower was usedduring the events of the French Expedition to Sardinia in 1793. It was, also, subject to the continuous raids of Barbary corsairs that continued until the first half of the 19th century.

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Luogo: Strada Comunale Coaquaddus, 09017 Sant'Antioco SU

Torre Canai was built in 1757 to control the entire Gulf of Palmasby the military engineer Vallin. The promontory on which it stands is called “su moru”. Its name represented all the Barbary corsairs who used it to make their raids in the area.

The structure of the tower is very similar to other coastal towers in Sardinia and is a truncated cone topped by a cylinder. It consists of a large circular room with four windows and an internal staircase leading to what was the parade ground.

The Tower’s main function was that of controlling and communicating news to the military units responsible for the island’s defence both during the attempt of French invasion in 1793 and during the last two Tunisian raids in 1812 and 1815.

In the Tower today, you can visit a photographic and cartographic exhibition on the cultural and naturalistic aspects of the island with a section dedicated to its historical events. It is also home to various cultural activities such as conferences, exhibitions and theatrical performances.

Around the place, you will find a wonderful botanical garden with many native species.

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