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Between the very rich lagoon ecosystem, invaluable for the preservation of plant and animal species, and the traditional work of the “Maestri d’Ascia”, the MuMa, Museo del Mare e dei Maestri d’Ascia, tells the story of the most precious asset we have: the sea.

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Luogo: Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, 25, 09017 Sant'Antioco SU

The Museo del Mare e dei Maestri d’Ascia  ( The Sae and Master Carpenters museum) was created to celebrate the figure of these rare artisanswho, in Sant’Antioco, continue to carry on the tradition of handcrafted wooden boats.

Their work begins with the important step of choosing the wood that will be shaped by means of  the traditional tools kept at MuMa, to create the island’s typical boats: su ciu,  the flat-bottomed fishermen’s boat. With this vessel they can navigate in the shallow lagoon bottoms. Our carpenters also create the vessels with the Latin Sails, unique pieces of inestimable value.

The fishermen of Sant’Antioco have donated to the museum numerous tools of their labour, such as nets or the splendid traditional creels, traps for small fish, octopus, cuttlefish and crustaceans of the Lagoon, made in the past using reed stems and natural filaments.

Thanks to the work of Ceas, Sant’Antioco’s Environmental Education Center, starting at MuMa, you will discover thenatural areas, especially those of the island’s wetlands such as the lagoon of  Sant’Antioco, Santa Caterina Pond and the Salt Pans. In these areas you may admire many local bird species such as the pink flamingo, the yellow-leg  gull, the avocet and the stilt-bird, as well as special plant species such as the saltwort, the bulrush, and the Maltese mushroom.

Don’t miss to visit the  MuMa and to discover all the wonders of Sant’Antioco’s wetlands.

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