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The Ferruccio Barreca Archaeological Museum will take you on a journey into the past through the stories and evidence of ancient civilizations. Between sensory experiences and guided tours, you can fully learn about the Phoenician origins of Sulky, the oldest city in Italy.

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Luogo: Via Sabatino Moscati, 09017 Sant'Antioco SU

The Ferruccio Barreca Archaeological Museum is a window into the history of our ancestors, of whom we find material evidence from the Neolithic to the late Roman age. The findings from the Nuragic period are very important. The most valuable is  thegorgeous bronze of the archer, a unique piece with ancestral charm.

Driven by the east wind in their sails, the Phoenicians landed on our Island where they founded the city of Sulky. Here they met the local population, the Nuragics, with whom they coexisted and collaborated until the total integration and the birth of a civilization with new traits.

Also called Levantines, the Phoenicians were a population of skilled navigators and their trade was prosperous. Of the ancient city of Sulky, now considered one of the earliest Phoenician centres in the central western Mediterranean, we have numerous “treasures” at MAB museum.

Between these treasures we can find the ancient “terracotta urns” of our Tophet that kept the ashes of the very young children who died in a natural way and the remains of small animals that were offered to the gods as symbols of good luck.

You can also admire   the numerous grave goods discovered in the ancient Punic Necropolis of Is Pirixeddus where jewelry, amulets and typical objects of daily life were found.

The MAB is a magnificent museum that tells a thousand different stories and for this reason it deserves to be always experienced with a differentview so that you can beimpressed by Sant’Antioco’s thousand-year history.

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