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Roman Bridge

Union of peoples, cultures, traditions: this is what the Roman Bridge is for us. For two millennia it was the only land link between Sant’Antioco and the rest of Sardinia. Todayyou can admire it in all its ancient beautywhile  arriving on the Island.

Informazioni sul luogo

Luogo: SS126, Sant'Antioco SU

Su Ponti Mannu, “The Great Bridge,” is one of the most important evidences of Sant’Antioco’s history, the Sulci of the Roman times.

This majestic work was an integral part of the Roman road that joined Karalis, the old Cagliari, and Sulci, that in its last part to the latter ran with a system of bridges and paved roads crossing the area of the Santa Caterina Pond and its islets. Today, a short section of the original Roman road still remains visible, partially submerged but clearly visible onlow tide days.

One peculiarity of the Roman Bridge, compared to other similar structures in Sardinia, is its original function. While other examples of bridges were used to cross rivers and streams or overcome differences in level, this bridge actually connected an island to the mainland.

Its use continued over the centuries, proof of the skill and wisdom of Roman-era engineers.Some last black-and-white photographs showing wagons and people crossing it are preserved.

During the years …a new and modern bridge has been built but the Roman Bridge still stands next to the new one to proudly remind us of its importance and the ancient glory of the city of Sulci.

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