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Salina (Salt Pans)

Suspended between expanses and basins of water, colonies of seabirds and white areas of salt you can lose yourself among the little roads of the salt path and admire the stunning landscape. To the south a breathtaking view of the entire Gulf of Palmas while to the west lying between the lagoon mirrors rises the town of Sant’Antioco.

Informazioni sul luogo

Luogo: Sentiero delle Saline, 09017 Sant'Antioco SU

A unique and evocative place made up of little roads between extensions of pink and blue water, piles of white salt recalling lunar landscapes.

The marine salt pan of Sant’Antioco, probably dating back to Roman times, overlooks the Gulf of Palmas and stretches for 20 km along the coast between the locality of Porto Pino to the isthmus.

The area is situated in a place of great beauty where the Mediterranean scrub alternate with volcanic rocks and limestone. It is a natural oasis for many animal species, including colonies of pink flamingos, one of the oldest species of birdswith very long legs and necks.

Their distinctive pink plumage is related to their nourishment: small crustaceans, including Artemia salina, which contains an orange-red pigment. Young specimens have a brownish-grey coloration while the pink of the adult appears only after the second year of life.

The special shape of the large beak, with its small lamellae, allows them to filter water and to pump it out through the tongue while holdingsmall organisms inside.

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