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Weaving workshops

The rhythmic sound of an ancient loom, the concentrated silence and watchful gaze of artisans weaving works of art, whose secrets and weaves are jealously guarded and handed down from person to person. Weaving workshops are a uniquely fascinating experience that will enrich your soul.

Informazioni sul luogo

Luogo: via Petrarca 5, Sant'Antioco

At the weaving workshops in Sant’Antioco you will see how one of the most characteristic traditions of our territory takes shape, through the skilled and impeccable hands of our local artisans.

Weaving is one of the oldest art. In the pastit  was an  indispensable knowledge: women had to know how to weave clothes for the whole family, using the fibres that were available, such as wool or linen, and natural dyes derived from the fruits of the earth.

Not everyone had a real loom because of the price and the size of this great tool. Only those in the weaver’s trade had one of them so that they could produce works of great beauty and value, such as carpets and tapestrieswhich adorned the homes of the wealthier families.

What really characterizes the textile production of Sant’Antioco is the use of a fiber as lustrous as gold and even more precious: the Bisso Marino.

Sea-silk weaving is an art whose origins are lost in the ancient East.The bright works created with this most precious filament adorned the main ecclesiastical figures and ancient rulers’ clothes. In Sant’Antioco this priceless tradition still lives on, thanks to the passion and genius of Italo Diana, a great master of byssus who kept the tradition alive by opening his school in the 1920s.

Today the tradition survives thanks to the heirs who are custodians and promoters of an art that we want to endure forever.


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