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Ethnographic Museum

“Su Magasinu de Su Binu,” the Wine Warehouse.This is the historical name of this fascinating typical building, dating back to the 18th century. It is impossible not to be fascinated by the great collection of traditional tools and objects, which tell a thousand different stories of our parents and ancestors’ daily life.

Informazioni sul luogo

Luogo: Rione Is Gruttas, Sant’Antioco

Inside the Ethnographic Museum you can experience a very different world. Aplace where everything is producedat  kilometre zero, from the blacksmith’s iron tools, useful for all daily chores, to the carved wooden furniture, reed basketsor mats and bags woven from the dried leaves of the dwarf palms. Each tool and object has its traditional name in the Sardinian language: for example, “sa scifedda,” a large earthenware bowl used to knead the bread or to prepare “sa fregula,” the traditional Sardinian round pasta that you can enjoy in our restaurants, or “sa prencia,” the grape press with its unique sound. A large space is dedicated to the “Carignano del Sulcis”, the traditional wine of this area. In this space you can find all the utensils that were used for the vine cultivation and production.

Right here, in the “Magasinu de su Binu” the highly appreciated drink was produced and sold. With its strong andheady taste, it is still a must for the inhabitants of Sant’Antioco. Very important to the tradition of Sant’Antioco is the weaving of byssus too. It is, a precious filament obtained from “is naccherasa” ( noble pen shells) or  Pinna Nobilis that, in the past, were numerous in the shallow waters of the lagoon. You will be able to admire the byssus artists weaving it in one of the next stages of the Mistral Itinerary.

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