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Hypogeum Village

An entire underground village, real houses with rooms, kitchens, and corridors carved into the stone.  the Hypogeum Village of Sant’Antioco is a unique site where you will discover the simple and authentic way of life of the old inhabitants of Sant’Antioco.

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Luogo: Via Necropoli, 18

That of the Hypogeum Village is a story originated centuries ago, when the Church decided to promote the repopulation of the ancient city of Sulk. The city was later named Sant’Antioco in the honour of the Martyr whose sacred relics were found in 1615.

Many families had some land, but others moved to the small island without getting anything in return: lacking of economic means, they decided to appropriate many of the Punic tombs in the Necropolis, removing everything inside them and making them suitable for habitation

Noncommunicating rooms were joined, chimneys were built for hearth smoke, and enclosures were constructed for animals. The rooms were whitewashed periodically with lime and were furnished like ordinary dwellings: tables, chairs, shelves, beds and mats or kitchen facilities are found.

The inhabitants of the caves, “is gruttaiusu” adapted well to the caves, and, still today, talking about temperature, we can say that these places are: “cool in summer and warm in winter.”

The inhabitants of the Village performed the most modest jobs. They worked for landowners, gathering wild fruits, fishing and picking shellfish offered by the generous lagoon of Sant’Antioco

At the beginning of the 1970s, the last inhabitants of the caves obtained modern houses, so the Hypogeous Village became an open-air museum and a priceless evidence of our town’s past.

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