18 July 2020

Sant’Antioco: the top 3 of the most beautiful sea locations

Sea and beaches

Sant’Antioco, where you can find the best sea of Sardinia.

You decided to spend your summer in Sant’Antioco and you’re searching for the most beautiful sea locations, where you can enjoy your days in total relaxation and carefreeness. We give you some advice according to your beach preferences!

If the clearest water is what you desire for your holidays you can relax because in Sant’Antioco, like everywhere in Sardinia, you can be certain to find the typical sea of a postcard picture. Sant’Antioco isn’t just a beautiful sea, but also an authentic place where you can find the real Sardinian essence, far from the mindset of mass tourism.  An ideal destination for families but also groups of friends who will build their perfect holiday among the many offers. Are you searching for a particular location to spend your day at the beach? Tell us who you are and we will help you to find the right place for you.

Maladroxia, for a relaxing family experience

The beach of Maladroxia, from the ancient phoenician term Malat Rosh meaning the shelter of the leader, is one of the most precious jewels of Sant’Antioco, in the South-West of Sardinia. 

The beach is 500 m. long, with soft and light sand and shallow water that gets gradually deeper. It’s the ideal place for children and families or for those just in search of a peaceful and safe beach. Maladroxia is situated on the south-east part of the island, 10 km away from the residential area of Sant’Antioco.

This wonderful beach has been awarded again with the Bandiera Blu label in 2020, which is an important recognition of the high standard quality of the services provided.

Beyond its beauty, Maladroxia is special for its thermal waters, used since the ancient Roman times. Even today, it is possible to go searching for the warm thermal springs: to find them you can go towards north of the beach and pay attention to the small bubbles coming out from the seabed, not far from the shore. Once you’ve found your personal thermal baths, it’s time to relax enjoying this wonderful blue paradise.

Around Maladroxia, there is the homonymous holiday village including restaurants, hotels and bars, to give all comforts to the tourists. All of this is offered in respect of the authenticity of the area and preserving the peaceful atmosphere.

Arco dei Baci (Kisses Arch), for lovers of challenging.. but wonderful things!

L’Arco dei Baci, Kisses Arch, is located in the area of Is Praneddas. It is known for the many caverns and bays and it is perfect to practice snorkeling and sport fishing. It isn’t easy to access but it’s surely the most suggestive place in the island, thanks to the rock structure that gives form to the so-called arch, standing on a natural pool that is 5 m deep.  

Curious fact: swimming below the arch it’s possible to admire some of the most precious species of the local sea life. 

How to reach Arco dei Baci?

Head towards the west of the island until you’re halfway between the residential area of Calasetta and Sant’Antioco. Just before Cala Sapone turn left and take a dirt road towards the nuragic village of Grutti ‘e Acqua, turn left again towards the Carolina Ranch and stop in the car parking area. Walk for 700 m. till the cliff’s edge and the arch will be at your left.

Cala Grotta, diving in the blue of Sant’Antioco.

Cala Grotta is a dream location, a small cove situated on the south-west of the island, characterized by a giant cavern which is possible to explore inside. Its shape makes it ideal for breathtaking dives, a place where the bravest can challenge themselves with bold performances and dive into the turquoise water.  Cala Grotta is a meeting place even for the most romantic that here can admire an incomparable sunset from the cliff. 

What do you say, does it inspire you?

To get there you should follow the Strada Provinciale 76 southward, next to the saltworks, turn right at the junction and keep going straight on the road in the next crossings, heading towards the residence “I Ciclopi”. Once got to the residence, turn left according to the sign and after some meters turn left again in the dirt road that leads to the cliff. 

Do you want to visit the beast beaches of Sant’Antioco in complete safety? You can do it!

The Municipality developed an effective monitoring system to guarantee limited access and avoid gatherings. 

On spiaggesantantioco.it you can find the list of the main beaches, each of them with the necessary information on the typology of the beach, maximum number for the access and available places at the moment. 

Information and available places refer just to the beaches. Beach resorts and cliffs nearby are not included but safety rules must be applied there too. 

Find your sound

A dive into the blue, the silence of the depths, the waves crashing along the coast, your steps on the sand. If your holiday has this sound we suggest you to take a look to the bluest part of Sant’Antioco.



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