• The Mediterranean short films festival “The Author’s Passages: Mediterranean Interlacements”

    This is an occasion entirely dedicated to developing knowledge of Mediterranean countries and cultures. Through the gaze of the creators of the carefully selected short films, the Festival will catapult you into a world of stories on engaging and current themes involving the continents bathed by this sea.

    Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 142 - Sant'Antioco 
  • Christmas Village

    Let yourself be enchanted by the wonder of this festival and discover a real magical village in the town centre! It's great event for adults and children to rediscover the magic of Christmas as a family, surrounded by Christmas scenery par excellence.

    Corso Vittorio Emanuele - Sant’Antioco
    January, December
  • Calici di stelle

    Spend an unforgettable evening sampling the best local wines, with the characteristic aromas and fragrances of this land. For example, the unmistakable flavour of Carignano will send your imagination soaring in a sitting composed of the sand and sea, the elements that make this historic wine something unique.

    Piazza de Gasperi - Sant'Antioco
  • Sant’Antioco Carnival

    Have fun with family and friends at one of the most fun and colourful winter events: the Antioco Carnival, a combination of tradition and originality expressed through traditional Sardinian masks, groups of masked figures and allegorical floats from all over Sardinia, drawing you into a carefree whirlwind of wonder through the streets of the town.

    Piazza Umberto - Sant’Antioco
    February, December
  • Festa di S.Antioco

    Experience the most important festival for our community! An annual occasion for the faithful and visitors from all over Sardinia and beyond, has been held 661 times, the Festa di S. Antioco Martire is a religious event that combines faith, culture, tradition, folklore and entertainment.

    Piazza Parrocchia, 22 - Sant'Antioco
    April, November, August
  • Monumenti Aperti

    Discover the island's immense cultural heritage and visit sites of particular historical interest for free, including the Menhir Su Para and Sa Mongia, the Sant'Antioco salt flats, the Nuragic complex of Grutti 'e Acqua, the Tomb of the Giants, Canai Tower and many other sites exceptionally open to the public thanks to this major event.

  • Summer

    Discover a rich programme of events including the "Cinesulky" cinema festival at Arena Fenicia, the "Sulky Jazz" music festival in the town's hidden corners, the "Officina Acustica" concerts at the museum, the contemporary art of the "Antichi Sentieri" (Ancient Trails) project and much more.

    September, July, August
  • Arena Fenicia Festival

    This is Music! The lights of the Fenicia Arena come on, people cheer, all around a magical atmosphere in a unique logo of its kind. During the warm summer evenings the best of national and international music is staged.

    Arena Fenicia, ingresso Ticketone - Sant'Antioco
    July, August
  • Sulky Jazz

    Swing to the sounds of jazz, thanks to a series of unmissable events dedicated to high-brow music, to unite your sensitive soul with your refined ear.

    September, July, August
  • The Treasure Island

    Take part in the most engaging event of the summer as a participant or spectator: a highly adventurous and entertaining team hunt whereyou'll put your crew's skills into action.



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